Stockholm & Leyden Papyri Dye Project

I would like to introduce you to an incredibly exciting and rewarding dye project I am involved with. The Stockholm & Leyden Papyri Dye Project is a collaboration of like minded people from all over the globe embarking on a journey to interpret and recreate the world’s oldest surviving written dye methods, from the Stockholm and Leyden Papyri, written in Thebes approximately 1,800 years ago, during the Roman occupation of Egypt (30 BC – 349 AD).

In late 2022, we hope to submit our findings to one or more relevant conferences, and to present one or more virtual exhibits of our finished fibre works using recreated dye methods. Please do visit the web page, via the link above, for more information, our regular blog posts about our early experiments and thoughts about the project and to meet the dyers involved. I can’t say too much about any results, other than the preliminary posts on the site, until we have our final papers published but I will share with you what I am able. My blog post to the site can be found here : “Woad is me and dyeing with herbs”.

This project is coordinated by Mamie’s Schoolhouse