Part 3 – Putting it all together

Practical uses for the dyes and samples

My first samples from recipe 113 produced a fabulous mustard yellow.  Using the leftover and buckthorn berries from the original dye bath, I reheated them in some fresh water and dyed a few skeins of homespun yarn which I then used to make a Sprang hat fashioned in the style of those found on early Grecian urns and a small pouch.

Two examples of hair coverings from
Grecian urns
The Sprang hair covering I made along with the small pouch. For the hair covering I added some natural brown homespun castle milk moorit for contrast.
The Sprang loom used to make the hair covering and the work in progress
The top border , used to tie the hat in place, was woven as a simple band with an extended weft that became the warp of the sprang. Achieved in the same way as a starting border on a warp weighted loom. It was then attached to the wooden frame.
The pouch was also made using the Sprang technique but didn’t need a starting border.  The warp is wound directly onto the frame and woven.
I only had small amounts of the elusive purple and the other dyed samples of yarn so it was a challenge to think of what to do with them.  I decided to make a few coasters, but they could be incorporated into a larger project in the future if needed.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my short journey into the Stockholm and Leyden Payri. When I have repeated the experiments already done I will try out a couple more and post the results for you to see. If you have any questions please contact me here at Diary of a Saxon Weaver.

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