West Stow Anglo Saxon Village


West Stow Anglo Saxon Village

Research forms a large part of my everyday activities. When I’m not researching I’m spinning, weaving or performing some kind of experimental archaeology. (or woodcarving, but that’s another story!)

Today’s research paper is :

Strand, Eva Andersson et al. “Old Textiles – New Possibilities.” European Journal of Archaeology 13.2 (2010): 149–173. Web. https://www.academia.edu/5223047/Old_Textiles_New_Possibilities?email_work_card=title

As yet, I haven’t read it all as it is a comprehensive document detailing textiles through the ages and describing techniques for examination of archaeological textile finds from the simple to the most current laboratory studies. A very interesting paper.

I must remember to take notes! This is something I tend to forget, just ploughing on through the reading, thinking “oh, that’s interesting” and continuing on down the page. By which time, I’ve got distracted with something else and then, when returning, can’t remember what or where I found that little tidbit! I find this is one of the perils of the digital age. When I did my degree, study was mostly from the written word and it was easy to underline or highlight text. Depending on the onscreen document this is not always the case these days. However, access to a lot more information is possible.

Hopefully this blog will enable me to get more organised.