Goodbye Australia

img_20161105_164314Here at the airport waiting for check-in to open for our 20 + hour flights home. A sad and emotional day as we say goodbye to the sunshine and warmth and take our many memories home with us.

We’ve had THE most fantastic time and have seen and heard things we never thought possible or probable.  Keep  tuned to the blog as there’s still lots to come.

Along the way we’ve learned a few things; here is a list of some of them, in no way difinitive or exhaustive ,  only the names have been changed to protect the innocent:

  1. The smallest animals/insects make the loudest noises
  2. Australia is BIG! – small distances viewed on the map are large distances in reality
  3. Frogs sound like birds
  4. Birds sound mostly like old women cackling  (kookaburra ) or babies  crying (stone curlew)
  5. Koalas are so sleepy they sometimes fall out of their trees
  6. If it creeps crawls or climbs, it probably bites
  7. Every Aussie has a relative (relly) or friend in the UK
  8. Rain can be warm
  9. Sand can be too hot
  10. The sea still tastes as bad as in the UK
  11. Beaches are so long it can takes hours or days to walk them
  12. Trees can walk
  13. It gets dark very fast
  14. The noise of insects never stops – when one lot sleeps another lot wake up
  15. Thongs, are not cheese-cutter knickers, they are things you put on your feet (flipflops )
  16. Aussie seem to do a lot of roadworks
  17. Aussie measure distances in days and hours not km
  18. Goanas are too fast to photograph
  19. Whales like to play a lot with their babies
  20. There is such a thing as a drive-thru bottle shop (off-licence)
  21. The sun melts ice-cream faster than you can eat it
  22. Chocolate has to have a special recipe so it doesn’t melt
  23. Christmas trees don’t look right in 30° heat


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