Back to the Warp Weighted Loom

It’s been a while, approximately 9 months; but the warp has been retrieved from its bag, unrolled and placed back on the loom. Surprisingly it remained untangled and with very little stretching. Definitely will use this method of transporting again.

Basically, I removed the weights, keeping the warp in its chain and rolled the whole thing up, including the heddle bar, and placed it in a bag. It was so easy to replace it back on the loom and to re-attach the new, lighter, loom weights. The other weights were far too heavy at around 500gm each. The new ones are between 200-250gm and the weaving is looking much better. Less distortion in the weave. Time to get weaving and get this finished. It would be nice to try some linen on it next, but for that I have to spin some more flax!